Still Alive


I was told dying is a peaceful process

But how would I know?

Air still passes through my nostrils

Filtering my thoughts

I wonder how the deceased feel

Or do they feel at all?

The noise on earth is deafening

The emotions overwhelming 

10:50pm, I ponder as I lay in my bed

How calming it will be, to zone out

To experience complete peace and silence

To shut your eyes and not see a thing

To drift away into a world unknown

Void of people and emotions

Such relief!

Would it be human to envy the dead?

Then I actually zone out

To have this feeling

And I realize it was just sleep!

Just sleep?

It feels like a near death experience 

Truly, in our sleep, the world might be shut out for a while 

But is that the real experience my mind craves?

Sleep is the closest to death

But in it, we dream

And our dreams remind us that we are still alive

Maybe I’m insane

I’m still alive

Maybe I should choose life

And sleep more

... maybe?

Edited by Damilare Sanusi


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