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I craved a love so deep I got it... literally  Rivers of affection flowed It made me so cold I only wanted a bowl But my thirst, I could not control I walked by the riverbank  To draw my peace I heard a voice sing my name My hallucinations tried to play a game I have heard about mermaids My grandmother said they are evil But this was the purest being ever Her eyes filled with innocent desire She sang again, softer and sweeter To ignore the voice would be bitter  She left, and I dived into the river  Hoping not to shiver  I swam several feet deep For this goddess, I must keep Joined by love Forbidden by nature To drown or to float? I choose to drown She is the cold water to my thirsty soul  I craved a love so deep I got it... literally ******************* Inspired and edited by Oluwadamilare Sanusi