A Girl. A Canoe. A Horse.

Take me on a ride
I’ll let you be my guide

I’m just a lonely child
Abandoned, now free n wild
I find comfort on these shores
As I ride on my horse

Take me on a ride
Let nature be our guide

We have to ourselves
Land and sea
On which would you guide me?
My horse or my canoe?

Images shot by me: @deeliviaimagery
Location: Atican Beach, Lagos during Lens on the Beach 1.0 by @lenschronicles__

Thanks for reading. I shot these images in 2018 but I recently got inspired to write this short piece for the images. I hope you liked it. 😊


  1. This describes me around 2007 and 2008 when I was lost and don't know what next. Thanks to God


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