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Hello Deelivians! I trust you’re doing great. I’ve missed youuu 😘

It’s my 25th birthday! Whoop whoop! In the last 365 days, I have come to learn a lot about myself. Earlier this year till recently, I had to deal with a lot of unpleasant happenings. That’s pretty normal, right? Life is full of ups and downs. The downs this ldast year of my life ehn! No be beans. I even had a mental challenge for a while about 2 months ago (don’t ask), but I thank God for good people that SLAPPED it out of me. However, something super duper exciting happened to me early in January though. Hehe, again, don’t ask. 

To foster positive thinking and to learn more about myself and make me happy, I asked 25 people (male, female, teens, young adults, close people, people I’ve never met, etc) to tell me what they like about me. I chose 25 because I’m clocking 25,lol. This is a sort of feedback and personal behavioral evaluation. What to do with what I gathered? I will learn, know what good traits people think I have and even improve on them. Maybe I’m being a little vain too, yh, but honestly, I’m just gathering good vibes on my journey to 26. P.S., I posted as sent to me. No edits. So here we go, enjoy my 25 25: 

1. You are an amazing lady with a brightest smile have ever seen. You have a beautiful heart and quite awesome attitude towards life with great personalities. A lover of God and a lover of change for the world. You are Awemazing(Awesome and Amazing) (Errr... I actually didn’t ask for this one but I added it since it was sent.) -Segun Okeowo

2. You're sweet. Your down to earth. You're the strongest woman I know. You're every lady's mentor. You're just so indispensable that's why your wedding will be one of a kind I can smell it. -Princesss Ebohen

3. I like that you talk gently, calmly. You seem to be strong...very strong emotionally. -Fiyin Dideoluwa

4. Victoria Akinbowale....your passion...your positivity kidness and you're always ready to help people having issues one way or the other....your loveeee for children naaa warrr...ohhh me youd be a great mother 🙄 🙄 -Ayokunle Onibudo

5. Your smile gives hope. There is just this.... everything will be fine behind your smile. The way you fire up for God. Mehn I loveee it. - Damilola Osho

6. Number 1 is ur smile😍it doesnt go unnoticed nd brightens pple. I like d fact dat u r very independent wen its neccessary nd unnecessary  sef its a good spirit dat every 1 should v. Nd yeah,you are always helpful 2 everybody, every1 needs a sumbodi like u in deir life,u listen well a free spirit nd ur love 4 christ is a topnotch. -Morufat Murtala

7. You are Possessive, You are supportive, talented,Composed when needed, artistic. ❣❣❣❣- Iyanu Osho

8. I love your smile..alot.. whenever you smile, it always appear real and cute...and you know it so most times, you are always smiling. Your smile is beautiful. I noticed something back in dont give up...esp acadamics then, even if you didnt understand whatever it is then, you were always willing to do more than your were ready to do more  than what was your thrive to be limitless in some things. Thats a great quality. -Omoyiola Lofinmakin

9. Determined person
I watched u (thru statuses 😄) show interest in photography, move gradually from phone pictures of random nice stuff to real cameras. You had an interest and you didnt just leave it there. You pursued it with zeal, and learnt it and I can see professional shots now. Amazing.
Also with bags, u learnt the basics and went to learn more all by yourself e.g covering wallets and making new designs. U dont stop at the basics, u move forward. That's a rare trait. 
Im sure if you didnt have a teachable spirit ,you wouldnt have gone on to get involved with others who are also in photography( i saw that thru ur statuses too 😛) and Im sure uve applied this teachable spirit in several areas of your life I cant see on status.-Adesewa Odesanya

10. The smile is what i really love so beautiful🌸🌸...And also u are diligent in every way specially the way of God which i so admire  also u are outgoing. you are comfortable In social settings and interaction ; which is so Nice💯. You are confident in dealing with people especially in meeting new people. In one word I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU OLUWADAMILOLA💖💖💯- Oluwadamilola Ajayi

11. I like that you are organised, it's like a super power you have that i don't possess. I like your smile, it's like a light bulb. I like the way you remember to connect with people... another super power. -Oluwapemi Lawal

12. You're so kind Dami 😭 you're a typical example of people who have the mind of God in them. Everytime I remember what u did for me in 2016 I'll feel lik crying. I told u i'll be leaving for nysc camp in few days and I need either Milk or Milo from u and you actually bought one for me. Do u know why its so touching for me? To be sincere that period I had nothing on me. I was so broke😢 but you really amazed me and I'll neva forget you. You've been an amazing friend and beta days ahead for us dear. -Amazing Inedu

13. You sure know how to dress. I guess I'll come for lectures. -Biodun Akinniranye

14. Oluwadamilola is a rare gem to her generation and the world. your (kind heart). Always willing to help others sometimes even at her expense. -Francis Akin-John

15. I love the way you smile and your dimples. I love the fact you want to help kids be better. -Roseline Ngwobia

16. Your Ability to Love
Your friends and family are around for a reason. You obviously bring a smile to their faces and value their time. The care and attention that you bring to each and every one of your relationships is one of the many reasons why people love you. Obviously, the way you show love to others has made a bigger impact than you thought.
Your Passion
The way you dedicate yourself to your job, or even your hobbies, shows others the amount of passion you have. You are probably passionate about helping others because people love to be around you. -Kingsley Igbama

17. I like your smile and dimples. I like your friendliness, I like your generosity. That period we were in Lagos you were not just my pastor's daughter, you were my elder sister and my friend. -Anita Davies

18. I love everything about u.... U r a class of ur own my dear, your presence, your aura, you reek of intelligence. What's there not to like about you? I know they say everyone got flaws but I'm yet to see yours. Tried getting closer to u erm... perhaps to see a yeye side of u but nothing yet, nothing I fit even use yab u(yet)..You are just too amazing. -Chris Wolf

19. The fact that you love impacting positively in others. Generally, you're worth to be somebody's mentor. -Abraham Ekpenga

20. Your personality..  You're easy going yet principled...  You're humble..  You can dance sing n write😎 ... I love ur dimples too😃 -Benita Davies

21. You are selfless. You are loyal. -Deborah Kehinde

22. I like your goal getting spirit. You're very resilient, strong and passionate about what you do. I like your smile too; it's kinda rare but when caught, you'll love to see more. -General Pi

23. I like how your been happy and free. -Damilare Adenola

24. You're veryyyy strong. You’re an organized person. You're smart. You care for children and it melts my heart. You're passionate at what you believe. You're extremely beautiful.  Your smile does me one kind🌚 You take weird risks that scare me and makes me admire you at the same time. -Ademola Makinde

25. You are cool and soft hearted. -Adebukola Adeboye

Okay that was a long read! Reading this got me really emotional. Thanks for reading too. Today, I am thankful for love and the ability to love others and make an impact in people's lives. From my 25 25, clearly, my smile is my power feature. I once said I consider my smile a gift to others, then to me. Happiness lives here and that is what I love to share. I am ready and pumped for 26. 


  1. Happy Birthday Damilola Akinbowale. You are beautiful and special.

  2. Happy birthday dear. This is the beginning of your best years.

  3. Your smile doesnt just light up and make everyone who meets you feel better, you are one rare gem im grateful to God i met. While in RUN, you showed me true kindness, friendship, love and you are the definition of a SELFLESS and VIRTUOUS WOMAN Princess. Happy super duper 25th birthday Oluwadamilola Victoria Akinbowale

  4. Happy Birthday Ore Miii
    JESUS Loves U


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