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My 25 25

Photo Credit: Deji Adeoba (I love you gan ni) Hello Deelivians! I trust you’re doing great. I’ve missed youuu 😘 It’s my 25th birthday! Whoop whoop! In the last 365 days, I have come to learn a lot about myself. Earlier this year till recently, I had to deal with a lot of unpleasant happenings. That’s pretty normal, right? Life is full of ups and downs. The downs this ldast year of my life ehn! No be beans. I even had a mental challenge for a while about 2 months ago (don’t ask), but I thank God for good people that SLAPPED it out of me. However, something super duper exciting happened to me early in January though. Hehe, again, don’t ask.  To foster positive thinking and to learn more about myself and make me happy, I asked 25 people (male, female, teens, young adults, close people, people I’ve never met, etc) to tell me what they like about me. I chose 25 because I’m clocking 25,lol. This is a sort of feedback and personal behavioral evaluation. What to do with w