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What am I?

Shot and edited with an Infinix X510 I’m a mess I’m confused Entangled in my own self I’ve created my own maze And I don’t have a way out I’m a mess But a colorful mess I’m beautiful, bright too A delight to the eyes I blend perfectly wherever I am Adding color to your space But deep within myself I’m just a beautiful mess Only I can see this misery    Hi! 😃 Thanks for reading. Let me explain this one. So I was at a friend’s office last November. I saw this thing on his desk and I liked it. It’s a yo-yo... I think.  I was playing with it as I admired it. I loved how beautiful and colourful she was.  I decided she is female and I named her Josephine, Jojo for short 😂.  There is a reason for that name though,  but you will just conclude I’m not normal so let me leave you to figure it out. Anyway, I decided to do a photoshoot for her. My friend, Deji, was the ‘assistant photographer’ (please don’t shoot me Deji). Now some of you

I thought I knew you

I thought I knew you Till I knew I thought wrong My head must’ve been in my heart Coz my mind thought what it felt You were perfectly dubious Loving and hating me at once Your mouth spat love in my eyes And blinded me for a while Oh! I thought I knew you! Till I realized I didn't know me You changed me Then left me clueless