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My Nigeria, My Naira

“Na money be fine bobo” I love that popular line from the song 'Bobo' by Mayorkun feat. Davido. Everyone likes and wants money, I believe. There is almost nothing that can be done without it. It is the means of exchange for products and services. It is the reason we work hard to make a living for ourselves. Money is very important for survival and it is funny how we actually have to spend money to make money sometimes. The Naira is the currency spent in Nigeria.   The latest 100 Naira note, unveiled in November 2014, is the first digital banknote in the world. At the back of the note, there is a barcode known as a Quick Response Code which when scanned shows the President's face and Nigeria's history. Interesting right? Read about it here . Personally, I think the 100 Naira is my favourite denomination. Did you raise your brows? 1000 Naira should be my favourite right? As per the highest? Oh well… I just love it, I find it attractive and I most ce