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Peace Day 2018

The world is characterized by diversity- of race, personality, religion, interests and more. The needed binding force to firmly hold our diverse forms is peace. Peace is what creates a blend of these differences. Peace is freedom from disturbance, war or violence. It symbolizes love and unity. It is also an important opportunity for change and increased understanding. Peace is a commitment not to harm but to nurture all individuals. Peace is an important and a non-negotiable phenomenon in the human society, the human society is made up of diversities which cannot be seen as a disadvantage but to bring forth the beauty in her diversity for the betterment of the world. Globalization is fast gaining ground in the 21 st century and there is a unification of world cultural values and norms and also a strong relationship between countries of the world. For globalization to be on the positive side it should propagate peace other than unifying world cultural values. Without peace the