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Still in motion

I observed you for a while I thought you were a wild weirdo Little did I know You still had more steps to go I thought you weak Unknowing you lost all strength while trying to be strong I scorned your slowness Not realizing how fast you were hurting Still in motion Still in motion Still, in motion You stay, as the earth moves Yet still, unmoved, unshaken by the disdains Scorners in motion they don't get your notion Still in motion, You move You're beaten, but you fight Not letting hurt nail you down Previous notions I had of you, gone You're stronger than I thought Better than they said All I see in you is good Now I'll fight with you Tear apart for you Defend you They don't know your story You do So do I now ...                            This piece was inspired by the way I see some people treat others. People often judge or laugh at others for being or acting a certain way, without und