Birthday Gist 2018

Hello there!!! It's been a while on here! I know, I know. Pardon me, please. I have been writing but not been publishing here. Anyhoo, welcome back to us (myself and you, the reader) and thanks for being here. I'd like to tell you about my birthday celebration this year. Enjoy!

 It was a lovely day
The 1st of May
What can I say?

Some Background

In the year 2014, I decided to not celebrate my birthdays for myself and friends alone but to make it a day of impact in which children who are 'less privileged' will get to benefit from my ‘happy day’. In 2014, I had a small birthday party at the Government Orphanage, Bosso, Niger State where items were donated to the orphanage. In 2016, I co-planned a community outreach to give food, clothing and household items to members of a rural community. I did not do any community birthday project in 2015 and 2017 for some reasons. 

Main Gist

This year, some awesome friends and I visited an Education center owned by Dreams from the Slum Foundation, at Ajegunle to have a charity/educational party with the children there. I must say, Dreams from the Slum is doing an amazing job there.



For a long time I have seen people post really lovely professional pictures before or on their birthday. Some I admire, others I, well... Before now, it has never even occurred to me to do a photo-shoot . I wonder why I don't think of fun things. Anyway, 3 wonderful friends of mine decided to do a birthday shoot for me. I was so shocked (happy shock of course 😀) and I looked forward to it. Unfortunately though, it did not hold!!! Because sombori had to go to work! 😭 I was so sad, especially for disappointing my friends, I mean after all the excitement. But issorait, a lady gotta work.

May 1, 2018 

I woke up this morning feeling really down. I fell sick days before but was hoping to be very strong on my birthday, but no, malaria came to play 😷. I had breakfast but threw it all up. I was too weak and was running late. Thankfully, I was with my friends, Praise and Lola, and they were not about to let me have a bad day. They cheered me up, made sure I slayed, aziin the makeup was beautiful. Shoutout to Coco Glam Makeover! I did not exactly sit still because of my health but they did an awesome job. 

Truly, I have the best friends in the world! I was about 2 hours late for the parry but friends were there and they had set the ball rolling. Ini, Olamide, Ayokunle, Demilade, thank you so much. I did not have to worry...err just kidding.. I was worried. I mean, who goes late for her own birthday? But thanks to Lola and  Praise again, I was able to keep calm.

before I arrived

As my friends and I stepped in, I was welcomed with the 'happy birthday' song by the children there. It was a beautiful moment. They also sang a song Ini taught them and demonstrated too. I was so happy.
my surprised look when I stepped in


The host, Isaac Omoyele Sucess, founder of Dreams from the Slum initiative, told us about his organization and how he was a stammerer who grew up in the slum, Ajegunle but was not limited by his situation. I once wrote about Isaac, read  about him here
Dreams from the Slum was established to make the dreams of persons living in the slum a reality using Education, Empowerment and Mentoring. You can read about the organization here.
that's Isaac Omoyele, great man
Olamide Ogunsanya, a friend, a shoemaker and Lifematics trainer who teaches Mathematics creatively via songs, physical objects, physical activities etc was there to teach the children Mathematics and they loved it and learnt a lot.

maths is fun with Olamutliply!

There was a dance competition which everyone enjoyed as the children showed off their dance skills.

There is an amazing organization founded by Tobi Akinnike, I wrote about him almost 2 years ago here
He founded Young Protege Leadership Foundation and created the first African leadership board game. He was kind enough to donate some copies of the board game to us which we played at the birthday party. This is one game I enjoy playing with children.
playing the board game
The children were grouped and the adults there facilitated the playing of the game in each group. One thing I love about the board game is that it teaches leadership values to both children and even adults. You get to learn as you play. Each game card contains a quote from great renowned leaders and each activity has a lesson attached to it. The game is not about winning but being a good leader and bringing others up with you. The game also has gift items and a book in it. Awesome, right? You can place an order for one or more at

Oh! and we prayed! We praaaaayeeed! The prayer session was led by Inioluwa Popoola.

I'm thankful to everyone that made the event a success either you were present physically or not. I can't mention all your names. Thank you for the items donated. I really do appreciate. God bless you. I love you. It was a great day. We learnt, made good impact and had fun.
Cake by Coco Cravings n Delights 😋
To the accolades-deserving brands: 1705 Visuals (formerly Nimota Visuals), AyoBudo Visuals, Capteyn, The Coco Brand, thank you so much for being there.

 Lesson of the Day

Do good always for the purpose of making a life better. A good thing about doing good is that, someone, who you probably did not know was watching, might take a cue from you and do same. I know this. There are many children and adults out there who need you. Make someone smile and let's make the world a better place.

Thanks for reading. Bye!!! 

Kilzez! 😗

It was a lovely day
The 1st of May
What more can I say?


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