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Birthday Gist 2018

Hello there!!! It's been a while on here! I know, I know. Pardon me, please. I have been writing but not been publishing here. Anyhoo, welcome back to us (myself and you, the reader) and thanks for being here. I'd like to tell you about my birthday celebration this year. Enjoy!  It was a lovely day The 1st of May What can I say? Some Background In the year 2014, I decided to not celebrate my birthdays for myself and friends alone but to make it a day of impact in which children who are 'less privileged' will get to benefit from my ‘happy day’. In 2014, I had a small birthday party at the Government Orphanage, Bosso, Niger State where items were donated to the orphanage. In 2016, I co-planned a community outreach to give food, clothing and household items to members of a rural community. I did not do any community birthday project in 2015 and 2017 for some reasons.  Main Gist This year, some awesome friends and I visited an Education center own