What year 2017 taught me

Thanks for visiting! These lessons were drawn both from personal and non-personal experiences this year, personal being the majority. Read, enjoy and learn.

1. Be good to yourself
Walk away from unpleasant situations. There are some things you can not change. Anything that takes away your happiness is not worth it.

2. Smile more
Many people have told me that I smile a lot and my smile is beautiful. I am almost never without a smile. This year, I learnt a lot about my smile. I realized that what seems to me like my ‘too much smile’ is just the colour that someone needs to brighten up their day and I can freely give them that. My best friend, Damilola, seems to be the biggest fan of my smile. In her words “Your smile ehn…I think I loved it before loving you.” I consider my smile a gift to others, then to me.

3. Be patient
There is really nothing your impatience can do. One tends to make wrong decisions and act irrationally when impatient. It pays to be calm, to think through thoroughly and wait. Take your time, yes plan, but be patient; it will happen if it will.

4. Love more
There is nothing like too much love. I happen to be a natural lover. Oh well, the love of God is my nature. I am in love with being in love. There is space in my heart for everybody. And I have realized that beyond anything, that is all some people need – somebody to love them and genuinely care for them. And if you say you love someone, show it.

5. Pray more, worry less
Self-explanatory. However, I will write about this in a different post soon.

6. Words should match actions
I learnt that words don’t mean as much as actions. The saying “actions speak louder than words” is true. I realized that one’s actions can be the total opposite of their words. I learnt not to take promises seriously until deeds back them up.

7. Health is wealth
Little things matter. Your health is important. I actually feel sad for people who do not maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not that I am one healthy living guru either but from life experiences (personal and non) and from reading health posts and listening to actual doctors, it has been observed that many don’t take care of their health as they ought to. You may not be able to control some things but do your part. Eat well and properly, drinks lots of water, eat fruits and fresh vegetables every day. Workout too! Everybody should keep fit! It’s not only those who want to lose weight. About working out, if you don’t know what to do, you can make use of exercise apps. There are lots of them. Choose a routine that suits you. Rest well too. Don’t kill yourself. It’s a healthy person that can work. Don’t think you’re indispensable at your place of work or wherever, if you break down, you’ll be replaced.

8. Ask questions
When you don’t know or understand something, ask. Exhaust your curiosity. In so doing, you’ll learn.

9. Invest in yourself
Seek opportunities, explore them, use them, gain more knowledge, build yourself. Be the best you can be.

10. Don't procrastinate
Repeat! Don’t procrastinate. Procrastination cost me a great opportunity this year. Don’t leave important things to a latter time. Learn to prioritize.

11. Don't  assume
Get accurate details and don’t act based on assumptions.

12. Accept compliments
Don’t ruin the moment with pride or low self-esteem, just say “thank you”.

13. Contribute to conversations
Think! Have something to say in conversations, good conversations. Meaningless ones, contribute and give them some sense. Let them learn from your wisdom. Especially in a brainstorming session or a discussion where a decision is to be made concerning something. Think and say something smart. Stretch your cognition. Don’t just nod like a lizard in agreement to anything anyone says. Let your voice be heard too.

I am glad I could share some of my lessons with you. It was a great year truly. It still is. Thanks for reading. We learn every day. Kindly share one or more important lessons you have learnt this year in the comment section. Thank you.


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