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What year 2017 taught me

Thanks for visiting! These lessons were drawn both from personal and non-personal experiences this year, personal being the majority. Read, enjoy and learn. 1. Be good to yourself Walk away from unpleasant situations. There are some things you can not change. Anything that takes away your happiness is not worth it. 2. Smile more Many people have told me that I smile a lot and my smile is beautiful. I am almost never without a smile. This year, I learnt a lot about my smile. I realized that what seems to me like my ‘too much smile’ is just the colour that someone needs to brighten up their day and I can freely give them that. My best friend, Damilola, seems to be the biggest fan of my smile. In her words “Your smile ehn…I think I loved it before loving you.” I consider my smile a gift to others, then to me. 3. Be patient There is really nothing your impatience can do. One tends to make wrong decisions and act irrationally when impatient. It pays to be calm, to think th

Wall breaker

My hands are beautiful With them, I work With them, I build I build beautiful things As beautiful as my hands My only unpleasant building However, is a wall Built so high Even the builder could not climb A wall I painted black A distance away from my wall I wonder how I built it I want to take it down I should not I cannot, even if I tried All of a sudden My wall cracks And the black turns white How it cracked That, I do not know This wall will fall And so it happened Crumbling down completely And behind was my wall breaker He turned my black to white


A friend of mine, Olamide Ogunsanya, fondly known as ‘Olamultiply’ a mathematical nickname she got for her prowess in teaching mathematics creatively, under a company named The Lifematics Center, was a victim of corruption recently or should I say theft? Because that was theft! Olamide, who is also a volunteer with One African Child Foundation for Creative Learning, travelled from Nigeria, to Ethiopia to attend the African Union workshop on Strengthening Learning Opportunities for Youth in Mainstreaming Gender in Education Systems. Olamide narrated her horrible experience on her way to Ethiopia on the 27th of November, 2017 at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos. She was harassed by some female Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) officers who checked her in. She told me this, “While I was being checked in, we were asked to remove our shoes. So those ladies were asking me for money and I said I don’t have money. Meanwhile, I changed 20,000 Naira to 50 US Dolla