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The Journey 2

Continued from last week. Read it here The driver drove in to a petrol station to fill the vehicle’s tank. Ghen ghen! Error! A man shouted in pidgin English, “soooooo your sense no tell you say you suppose buy fuel before you commot garage, abi?”  Those passengers did not take it lightly with him.  A young lady, whose brows looked like a failed attempt at drawing a thin, black semi-circle shouted “hoooo my goish! But what kind hof hei rubbish hiz diz? Hayam halready late.” with the popular yoruba H factor. I giggled. Another one who was chewing gum like no man’s business muttered a “radarada” and gave a long hiss, then others joined in, shouting, hissing and disturbing not just the driver but me. I could feel their frustration though; it has been a rough journey. But I have noticed that rough journey or not, whenever a commercial driver stops to buy fuel, some passengers complain. They have no chill, but chill, how come I’m chilled at this unchilled hour? I wondered. There was silenc

The Journey 1

I boarded a bus from Mowe, Ogun state going to Lagos State. Some people will bite me for stating a difference there, saying that to them, Mowe is a part of Lagos State. Worefa, check your map. I live in Mowe, Ogun state, come and beat me. Back to my story, it took what seemed like forever before I got a bus. The traffic jam was very terrible and the transport fare was two times what it should have been. That’s pretty normal whenever the traffic is heavy. It started before Redemption camp on the Ibadan-Lagos expressway. The driver drove roughly and the passengers did not let him be as they rained insults on him, most of them in Yoruba language. Hehehe I trust the Yoruba women. A plump woman who sat right in front of me, with her massive butt cheeks saying hi from beneath the back rest of her seat, shouted at the driver in Yoruba “Ogbeni, ki lo n se e naa? Abi o m’oti yo ni?” (“dude, what is wrong with you? Are you drunk?”) Another replied her “o ro pe malu lo gbe si nu moto” (he thinks