I am a Nigerian


The giant of Africa 
The origin of great people 
The home of future leaders 

A land filled with milk and honey 
A land of peace and unity 
A land that is my home 

Despite the language and religious barriers 
The corruption and the recession 
Our hearts beat as one 
Today and forever more 

This day, 57 years back 
The happening of something great 
A memorable event 
That would ever be remembered 

We stood as one and fought 
For what was rightfully ours 
We joined hands and 
Retrieved our Fatherland 

57 years of independence 
We still are alive and running 
57 years of greatness 
There still is more to come 

Through our courage 
We birthed independence 
Now we smile and celebrate 
With no regret in mind 

Like it happened 57 years ago 
Let us keep fighting 
To make our country a better place 
To have more things to celebrate 

I am a Nigerian 
And I hope to become a leader 
To make Nigeria better 

Happy Independence Day!  
Written by 16 year old Gbemisoke Lawal


  1. Nyc1.. Good to know that we still have people who believe in Nigeria... #thumbsup


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