My head facing upside down 
Restless and feeling drown 
With thoughts of the liberty plan 
From the steel thin rods around me 
More or less like a vaccum that 
allows nothing in it 

So cold and I am shirtless 
My carnated body is fading off 
My hair so weak and tired 
Nails are moving distance 
Life pitying me in tears 
Blind, with my two eyes open 
in a black weather 
Still I ride in the dead lantern' chariot
Misleading my paths 
Still sugarcoat me with lies 

I believe I have no choice and still I smile 
but my heart weeps deeply in sorrow 
Dont know how to go about it 
Sometimes I wonder when and 
how we get to our destination 
Still on a journey to the unknown land 

All I soliloquize with confidence is 
"I have a dream." 
The dream I can't even remember 
I once had thoughts I was the 
leader of tomorrow 
How I got captured, I know not

I see promising children as 
my time left me alone 
But they all end up looking 
at the narrow path 
Dark, thick and wild 
And I just still say 
"I have a dream." 

The riders make the horses
move with no blinkers 
The road is confusing 
I dont know how to survive this 
The riders beat the horses, 
they run fast and fast, so fast 
They laugh wicked and look 
in my eyes with sarcasm 

If I smile not
They drop me in the middle 
of the unknown path 
So I smile on my bitter face 
But I have a poor looking meal, 
leaves to cover my skin  
and an exposed shelter 

Who will take me back home 
and wake my mother? 
I am lost in this journey of 
suffering and smilling. 

I need freedom.



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