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His face

I could watch him smile all day  No one else has that unique set of teeth  I’ll recognize it in my dreams  I’m refreshed with every  smile and laughter of his 

His nose, cute thing  The nostrils that allow for breath  With every breath I feel the air of his love  He blew me away, yet I still  stand in awe of him 

I yearn to talk to him  To watch him listen while I talk  A couple of ears  Like they were made for  nothing else but my voice 

I could stare at him all day  There’s something about his eyes  They pierce deep into my soul  So deep that I close my eyes  and I see him looking at me be continued...later in life


My head facing upside down  Restless and feeling drown  With thoughts of the liberty plan  From the steel thin rods around me  More or less like a vaccum that  allows nothing in it 

So cold and I am shirtless  My carnated body is fading off  My hair so weak and tired  Nails are moving distance  Life pitying me in tears  Blind, with my two eyes open  in a black weather  Still I ride in the dead lantern' chariot Misleading my paths 
Still sugarcoat me with lies 

I believe I have no choice and still I smile  but my heart weeps deeply in sorrow  Dont know how to go about it  Sometimes I wonder when and  how we get to our destination  Still on a journey to the unknown land 

All I soliloquize with confidence is  "I have a dream."  The dream I can't even remember  I once had thoughts I was the  leader of tomorrow  How I got captured, I know not
I see promising children as  my time left me alone  But they all end up looking  at the narrow path  Dark, thick and wild  And I just still say  "I have a drea…

I am a Nigerian

Nigeria,  The giant of Africa The origin of great people  The home of future leaders 

Nigeria,  A land filled with milk and honey  A land of peace and unity  A land that is my home 

Despite the language and religious barriers  The corruption and the recession  Our hearts beat as one  Today and forever more 

This day, 57 years back  The happening of something great  A memorable event  That would ever be remembered 

We stood as one and fought  For what was rightfully ours  We joined hands and  Retrieved our Fatherland 

57 years of independence  We still are alive and running  57 years of greatness  There still is more to come 

Through our courage  We birthed independence  Now we smile and celebrate  With no regret in mind 

Like it happened 57 years ago  Let us keep fighting  To make our country a better place  To have more things to celebrate 

I am a Nigerian  And I hope to become a leader  To make Nigeria better 

Happy Independence Day! Written by 16 year old Gbemisoke Lawal