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Away from Life

I seek solitude
Away from the bustle of life
No frowns nor smile
Just far away so many miles
The smiles, all seem like a lie
Away from life, I want to fly
Yet I don’t want to say goodbye
Though beneath the cool breeze
I long for air
Choked, I gasp for breath
I want to hide
Away from the tide
No need for pride
For in this life, I have tried
And wells of tears I have cried
Those were my words before I died
Dead and buried,
It’s dark down here
I miss the light
Black, the only colour I see
I lack memory of the colour white
Away from life
I found solitude
I got what I wanted
Now I miss what I had
I’ll be still and let the earth be my pal

Still I Rise

Loud is the silence  as I can hear my heart beat  Fear and sorrow are all I feel  Alone, though surrounded by many  Anger and his brother, hatred,  are all they show  I blame them not as I  incited my own fiasco  Giving wings to scoffers to soar 

Uncertain of what today sees in me  Wondering what tomorrow thinks of me  I take solace in my paper and pen  Life still remains, so does hope  Drowning in a pool of regret  I realise I am my only lifeguard 

I sat, reminiscing on my awful past  Wishing I had a better present  Hopeful still, for the future  has many days in it  Awesome days are all I see ahead

Rocky has been the path  Yes, I have fallen but still I rise 
I fell but my legs remain unbroken  I wiped sorrow’s dust off my  behind as I rose from failure’s ground  And took the first step to my  successful tomorrow