What will the tears do?

What will your tears do after losing the love of your life to the cold and inevitable hands of death? After the tears, some more rivers of hot tears still flow inside of you waiting to be let out by your eyes.


Will the tears drop on the corpse, melt the ice-cold body and make it warm again? 

Will the tears pierce through their skin into their flesh and cause the blood to flow? 

Will the tears make the already stiff body move again? 

Will the tears drop on their eyes and cause them to open? 

Will the tears drop on their lips and cause them to smile at you again? 

Will the tears drop in their mouth and make them speak again? 

Will the tears drop in their ears and let them hear you speak? 

Will the tears bring pity on you and make you pout when being consoled? 

Will the tears make others cry? 

Will the tears penetrate the coffin and drop through the cotton wool in their nostrils and give breath to the body again? 

Will the tears break open the grave and go through their chest to the heart and get it beating again? ... if it's not all bones already. 

Will the tears wash away the memories? 

Will the tears make you feel better or worse? 

Will the tears make you picture a beautiful but never to be experienced future with them? 

Will the tears take you back in time to avert the demise? 

Will the tears show how much you loved and will miss them? 

I wish the tears could do all these...

What exactly will the tears do? 

Above all, will the tears stop?


  1. Nice write up!�� I can so relate!

    Most importantly, can the void ever be filled??


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