Days of Thrill

Loving you is thrilling 
Feels like I am on a roller coaster 
Swirling and spinning 
It is both exciting and scary 
It is risk and fun in one activity 
It is as black as it is white 
I am enjoying this ride 
Though it is for a while 

Loving you is thrilling 
Tasking still 
Like an inescapable chore 
Sometimes I hate that I love you 
Doubting if you do too 
I actually know you do 
But if this is how you show it 
Then keep it to yourself


Loving you was thrilling 
We were two dry grounds 
Far apart from each other 
A river in between 
A bridge brought us together 
Love being that bridge 
The bridge however fell 
We are far apart again 

Loving you was thrilling 
The laughter, the chills 
We were two as one 
With no reason to fear 
I now speak of the past 
Sadly wishing it was present 
You wore another skin 
I realised I deserve better


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