Do you ever all of a sudden hate the person you love most in the world? You think of how much you love them and  you hate them the more for loving them that much. You think of how much you hate them at that moment and get angry at yourself for allowing such hateful feeling crawl into your heart that instant. Or maybe it's yourself you hate at the moment. What is hate by the way? You know the anger and hateful feeling is but for a moment but you can't wait for that moment to end. You can't wait to get over that feeling or whatever wrong they did because you miss them and you have things to tell them. What is hate by the way? Okay maybe not hate. Too strong a word.

One minute you love them and their presence excites you and the next minute you just want them to leave or you want to leave, ignoring the excitement. A paradox indeed! No matter what wrong they do though, you just can't let them go. You can't do without them. You always want them around. You choose love over anger, hurt, pride or whatever negative feeling wants to crawl in. You also realise you have your own inadequacies too that they put up with. In the end, love prevails over other emotions.


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