ManCrushMonday 13/02/17

Welcome to Deelivia's blog. This is my second MCM post. My MCM for today is someone I have been priviledged to work with on few projects. His strength, cheerfulness, determination and passion for humankind amazes me. Omoyele Isaac Success is the founder and project manager of Dreams From the Slum Initiative, a World at School Global Youth Ambassador and Alumni of Leap Africa Social Innovators Programme and Discovering Young Leaders programme by the  Commonwealth Youth Programmes. He is an active member of the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth and The Nigerian Red Cross Society, Ajeromi Ifelodun Division. In his words: "I believe I have a personal responsibility to make a positive impact on society. I have tried to accomplish this goal by choosing a life as a humanitarian. I am a social activist and a child advocate and I consider this a gift as it allows me to help alleviate the suffering of humankind. I have three guiding principles that anchor my life, and I think about them every day. First, I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Knowledge goes hand-in-hand with truth. Second, I believe in striving for excellence. I sweat the big and the small stuff! I do not apologize for this. One of the by-products of being a perfectionist and constantly trying to improve myself are sobering feelings of low-grade anxiety and a nagging sense of inadequacy. But this is not anxiety without a purpose. No, this anxiety keeps me humble. It creates a healthy tension that serves as the catalyst that drives me to fulfill my limited potential. I have accepted that I will never know or understand as much as I want. This is what keeps the quest for knowledge exciting! And it is one of the reasons I would do my job even if I do not get paid to come to work every day. Third, I believe that as a humanitarian my goal is to serve humankind. Growing up for me was quite tough. I was out of school a certain time—I knew how it feels like to be home when your peers are learning in school. I know how it feels like not to have educational materials. All of these experiences gave me a low self-esteem cum worth. I was a chronic stammerer, I had speech impediment problem and found it difficult to communicate. It took me a lot of time developing myself, reading books, making research etc. I got better with time and a drastic transition occurred, from being a chronic stammerer to a sought after communicator. I was angry about my past and I was inspired to do something about the future. I knew there were millions of children out there living in slums and going through even worse situations than I did. What I went through in life as a child inspired me to take action so as to prevent others from having such experience. This was what gave birth to Dreams from the slum initiative. I have learnt best practices in this field, connected with youths from different countries and regions of the world and I have been given a rare opportunity to inspire others. A piece of advice from Isaac: "When you find your place, everything will fall in place for you and you will become the master of that place. Discover your purpose today!" Tush Awards 2016 Best use of Advocacy Isaac's Social Media and Contact Details Facebook: , Twitter : @dreamsfromslum @isaacsuccess Instagram: @isaacsuccess @dreamsfromtheslum , 08120248024, 08064222169


  1. Awesome bro. So great to know you. Change has begun with us.

    1. Thank you bro, Bless God for the opportunity to be a blessing


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