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The Knot

I thought I was free from the struggle I thought you've loosened the tangle Little did I know I am in a jungle The knots have become tighter How did I get here? Held tied and bound by your knots How do I break free? A choking hold you have on me A prisoner in my own home The walls of our love are now bars I long for your touch so tender But painful is your new tender You soothe me with your kiss Then bite me hard with the kiss With whom did I tie the nuptial knot? A man or a beast?

Make it mutual

Happy new year! Thanks for visiting. Please enjoy, learn and share. There is always so much excitement among Christians on the first Sunday of every month. Those Sundays are popularly called ‘Thanksgiving Sunday' or 'Thanksgiving Service’. I have wondered for a while though why it is termed Thanksgiving Sunday and separated as a special day to 'give thanks' or 'special thanks'. Our daily lives as Christians should be a life of Thanksgiving. The thrill of the Thanksgiving Sundays is not always as much as that of the first Sunday of the year as it is the only Sunday when Christians, especially workers in some churches, get to ‘dress their best’ (traditional attires majorly). Everyone is always looking so radiant and beautiful especially the women with their headgears, heavy jewellery, colourful faces and all. Me sef, I baf up small. I wore iro, buba and gele (a native Yoruba wear for women) for the first time. The Pastor and ministers are not left out; they can

January 2, 2016

Dear God, how's my mum doing? Let me guess, excellent! I miss her. I miss her so much the word 'miss' isn't even good enough to describe. She has created a void no one can fill. I want to see her again but I can't yet. Do you know how deeply that hurts? Everyday, I have so many things to say to her but hey! she's not here! One year already since you passed away. Worst day ever! How did one year even pass so fast? It feels like yesterday. Dad was just telling you how beautiful you were when you passed on in his arms. The memories of that day are so fresh. I still can't believe you're gone. It has not been the same without you, mum, it can never be. I can't even type further. I thought I would do an epistle, not working right now. I love and miss you, iya mi owon. January 2, 2016 my whole life changed.