My Place

I have lost me
I cannot find me
Can you?
I asked a million times
Smiling, I remembered this question
As I journeyed to a place

Back to earth
My earth
Back to the real life
Which is not even real
I lost me
I found me

Away from earth,
Where was I?
A place I wouldn't call a place
A place better than a place
Far away in bright land
Where everything is bright

Loving what i do
Doing what i love
A place I was not me alone
A place I was me plus all
A place not without tears
Only tears where that of joy

I wish to reveal more about this place
A place more than a place
Yet my fingers would not type further
I lost me
But I found me
In this place i call my place

I shut my eyes smiling in that place
Back to my earth
I opened my eyes, frowning
I smile again
I'm here but for a while and reason
Soon, i will return to my place


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