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A little word of encouragement for you today. If you have faith and trust in God, you can do anything. Mark 10:27: "But looking at them, Jesus said, "With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible." [NKJV] In Matthew 14: 25-31 Peter tried to do something that Jesus did. Something out of the ordinary but that's okay because as children of God we have moved from natural to the supernatural. Peter walked on water. Yes he did! He walked on water as Jesus did. He was walking towards Jesus on the sea. Awesome, right! Yes, awesome. But then, something happened. The wind became stronger and the storm increased, Peter got scared, started sinking and cried to Jesus for help. Jesus helped him but asked a question: "o ye of little faith, wherefore did you doubt?" Mathew 14:31 [NKJV] Pause, does this mean Peter wouldn't have sunk if he didn't doubt? Yes! There is this saying that "cowards die 7 times before their deat

My Place

I have lost me I cannot find me Can you? I asked a million times Smiling, I remembered this question As I journeyed to a place Back to earth My earth Back to the real life Which is not even real I lost me I found me Away from earth, Where was I? A place I wouldn't call a place A place better than a place Far away in bright land Where everything is bright Loving what i do Doing what i love A place I was not me alone A place I was me plus all A place not without tears Only tears where that of joy I wish to reveal more about this place A place more than a place Yet my fingers would not type further I lost me But I found me In this place i call my place I shut my eyes smiling in that place Back to my earth I opened my eyes, frowning I smile again I'm here but for a while and reason Soon, i will return to my place