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MCM 26/09/2016

A beautiful monday it is, yeah? Meet my MCM for today. Enjoy his interesting story! At the age of 16, he lost his father and eventually lost hope for a better life. Back then, he made few mistakes but then decided to redirect his life and add value to his community. He sponsored himself through school working with local artisans on construction sites and doing various kinds of menial jobs. He had many concerns in his life like bringing food on the table. He always had time for community service. He decided that he will help many young African adults to become self-aware and start taking responsibility for local problems in their community. He is the founder of Young Protégé Leadership Foundation, an organization aimed at raising trans-generational leaders to bring about socio-economic development and growth in Africa using education and mentorship. He is a young entrepreneur with a passion for raising exceptional trans-generational leaders that will turn Africa around for be