Today is World Humanitarian Day.

There's a lot of injustice, poverty, corruption, unrest, war etc in the world. A lot of heroes have lost their lives fighting one good cause or the other. So many people have and are still devoting their lives for the world to be a better place to live in.

The world needs more peace. The world needs more kindness. As youths, we can take steps to make the world a better place. It starts with us as individuals. Show love to everyone around you. Be kind to people, especially those in need. We should always display kindness in action and in words. (Ephesians 4:32)

We can also prayerfully stand in gap for our community, country and the world at large. We should intercede for the parts of the world where there's unrest, for children and everyone who are suffering or have been affected by war, terrorism and all. Let's pray that God should intervene in such situations and that He should help us and use us(His children, His representatives) to make the world a better place.

The world deserves better.


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