Hello friends! Hope we are doing good.
I have something interesting to share with us.
I met a teenager in June. She is 16 years old, very hardworking, sings beautifully, and wants to be a lawyer. She lives on the street before mine. Whenever I saw her then, we talked a lot. I could tell that behind her laughter and all, there was something sad. I questioned her and she opened up to me and told me what she was going through. She was in SSS1 preparing for exams. Her dad is late and she doesn't live with her mum because of financial challenges. The person she lived with was maltreating her. She doesn't eat and doesn't wear good clothes.
Everytime i wanted to visit her, she refused for fear of what her guardian would say. One day i insisted and gave her a surprise visit and truly, those people are hostile.
To cut the long story short, i offered to feed her twice a day and give her some money whenever I had. I gave her some clothes, bags, foot wears and a small phone so she can communicate with her mum and I. We had several talks, academic, moral etc. Soon, her attitude changed. She seemed brighter and happier. She was able to go to school and concentrate without her stomach crying for food. 2 weeks ago, she gave me a choking hug and was full of joy when she told me she passed her exams and was promoted to sss2. She never thought she'd pass because she was always worrying about her condition. I was so happy. I spoke to someone who offered to give her a holiday job at a store, so she can be away from the hostility at home and also be able to save some money. Last Sunday, just before i moved from my former house, she brought her mum to me to thank me. Her mum was so joyful and rained prayers on me. The teenage girl was so sad i was relocating; i was too, but I am glad i could put a smile on her face before i relocated. I miss her and i will definitely visit her soon.
Lesson: Look around you. Be observant. You never can tell who needs your help. There's always someone you can help or reach out to. It doesn't have to cost you money. Be the help someone needs and God will bless you for it.
Happy International Youth Day!


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