Okra sauce

Yo! It's another food post. Been a while. So i saw a recipe few months back on a healthy lifestyle BBMC i subscribed to. The channel is (Adunni's place). You can search for and subscribe to it too. The admin did a post on one okro meal she called 'Stir fry okro' and i loved it instantly!

Prior to that day i really hated okro. Yuck!
Okro is a common vegetable usually grated and cooked as soup in Nigeria, to be eaten with swallow. Some call it 'draw soup'. By the way, what's the correct spelling? Is it okro or okra? Okro sha. I hated it before. It used to irritate me. I used to wonder what that slippery slimy green thing was that people enjoyed eating.  I've eaten it a few times though.
Okay back to the recipe i saw. Her ingredients were okro, pumpkin leaves, chicken, prawn, pepper, spices and palm oil. NOTE: no water added and she sliced the okro, she didn't grate.
I decided to try it, but with a little modification, of course.

My ingredients were:
Pumpkin leaves
Scotch bonnet peppers (ata rodo)
Seasoning (salt, thyme etc)
Palm oil.
How to prepare
Wash and slice your onions, tomatoes and pepper. Set aside.
Wash and slice (not grate) your okro. Set aside.
Wash the pumpkin leaves too and set aside.
Clean the snails properly with alum and lime juice. Boil it, as you would boil chicken. I fried mine too but you don't have to. Set the snails aside too.
Put 2 big spoons of palm oil in a pot and leave for about two minutes. The quantity of palm oil depends on the quantity of ingredients you have. I'm sure you don't want to be drinking oil while eating.
Add onions, seasoning, tomatoes, snails, pepper and fish. Stir and allow to cook for about five minutes.
Finally, add the pumpkin leaves and the okro. Stir just once. Cover and allow to cook for five minutes. NOTE: There is no need to add water. Don't add water.
That's all. Food is ready! It can be eaten alone or with rice or whatever. You don't have to eat it with swallow.

My hatred for okro is gone, now that i don't have to grate it. I love this one. I'll find other ways too to eat okro. One has to be creative in the kitchen too, you know? Okro has lots of amazing benefits. It improves eyesight, it is rich in Vitamin C, prevents diabetes, improves heart heart health, aids weight loss etc. So try this recipe or something new with okro soon and enjoy!

Thanks for reading.


  1. wow, seriously? I love okro soup though but this is a dope technique i'm so indulging. Le boo is a food lover just like u, so i'm equipping myself for the nearest future.*winks,lol. Thanks for the share Angel Dami.

  2. Hahaha wife material 900000...000 yards. Equip yourself well o *winks*


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