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Okra sauce

Yo ! It's another food post. Been a while. So i saw a recipe few months back on a healthy lifestyle BBMC i subscribed to. The channel is (Adunni's place). You can search for and subscribe to it too. The admin did a post on one okro meal she called 'Stir fry okro' and i loved it instantly! Prior to that day i really hated okro. Yuck! Okro is a common vegetable usually grated and cooked as soup in Nigeria, to be eaten with swallow. Some call it 'draw soup'. By the way, what's the correct spelling? Is it okro or okra? Okro sha. I hated it before. It used to irritate me. I used to wonder what that slippery slimy green thing was that people enjoyed eating.  I've eaten it a few times though. Okay back to the recipe i saw. Her ingredients were okro, pumpkin leaves, chicken, prawn, pepper, spices and palm oil. NOTE: no water added and she sliced the okro, she didn't grate. I decided to try it, but with a little modification, of course. My ingr