Locked Away

Dear Bae,
I loved you once, I love you now
With all your shortcomings, I love you still
The 13 in my 1st Corinthians, Love you, I always will.

I believe in love because i believe in God and God is love.
How to love, by showing, He taught us.
He sent you to me, A gift,
I'm able to love you this hard because He loves us more,
Love, he has given unto us and that's enough.

You're imperfect as a person, of course, but you're my perfect.
We may not have everything, we may lose it all today (Highly Unlikely tho', God's got us),
I tell you honestly, I'll still love you the same. Yes I am Orente.
You can stay locked away...in the room of my heart where you'll never leave.

I Love you, because God loved you first.

Click the link below to watch my twin and I dance to 'Locked Away' by R City ft. Adam Levine


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