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Locked Away

Dear Bae, I loved you once, I love you now With all your shortcomings, I love you still The 13 in my 1st Corinthians, Love you, I always will. I believe in love because i believe in God and God is love. How to love, by showing, He taught us. He sent you to me, A gift, I'm able to love you this hard because He loves us more, Love, he has given unto us and that's enough. You're imperfect as a person, of course, but you're my perfect. We may not have everything, we may lose it all today (Highly Unlikely tho', God's got us), I tell you honestly, I'll still love you the same. Yes I am Orente. You can stay locked the room of my heart where you'll never leave. I Love you, because God loved you first. Click the link below to watch my twin and I dance to 'Locked Away' by R City ft. Adam Levine https ://

My teens, my joy.

I am a proud teacher, I must say. I worked in the children department of the church I attended. I taught children and teenagers, mainly teenagers. I had 22 of them. They were more than just teenagers that I taught, they became my brothers and sisters. They could be very annoying, they sometimes did things that didn't make me happy. But of course, they are teenagers, that was okay and I sure did know how to handle them. I love them so much and they love me too. We always had a wonderful time together learning God's word and other things too. I looked forward to seeing them every week. My teens, my joy, my pride. They are beautiful, in and out, male and female. They are skillful. They are not weighed down by unpleasant circumstances. They have dreams. They have a bright future. They feel trapped in a shell sometimes. They fear. The shell breaks and their pretty faces are revealed. They love and are loved. Again, i say, they are beautiful. They were not my first set, nor woul

Who tomatoes epp?

Hello! :) Thanks for stopping by. The situation in Nigeria this year ehnnn, it's only God that understands. Devaluation of Naira, unfavourable weather conditions etc and now tomatoes scarcity. Of all things! Beht tomato why? *sobs* It's normal for there to be an increase in the price of tomatoes during the rainy season because rainfall disturbs the growth of tomatoes. But this year's own is terrible! Tomatoes are healthy. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, good for eyes, good for hair, they reduce the risk of heart disease etc. I really do love tomatoes and I enjoy having them in different ways. They can be eaten raw, blended with pepper to make stew, added to smoothies, added to meals as ingredients or dressing, they can even be juiced and drunk. There's almost no meal I can't put tomatoes in. I love them. It's a beautiful vegetable. The colour and different shapes attract me. Yas! They are even good for the face, to treat dark cicles, acne, un