Dr. Eazy

His name is Ezinwa. Some of us like to call him Eazy. Have you met him? He's an amazing person! He's one of my favorite people in the world.

In so many ways than one, Eazy, you have inspired me. I know God sent you to my life, you didn't just come out of the blues. I remember when my late mum was ill last year and you and Pemi visited her at home while i was at work. That was your first meeting and she was so happy. There was another day she was at the hospital and  you went to visit her even though i wasnt there yet. It rained heavily and there was a lil traffic disturbance on my way there but you were there. That meant a lot. You told me she called you son that day, awwwwwwn.... I was too weak emotionally and spiritually that year but you were one of those that God used to strengthen me and He reeaaallly used you in ways I cant even explain. You indeed are a blessing.

He is not my bf ooo ehen before some of you start raising your brows.lol. But he's special. Today is his birthday. Happy birthday Eazy. I should have just typed this to you in a private message but no, let me do it here. I celebrate you today. Happy birthday to my Doctor, friend, brother, pastor, teacher, mentor, CEO Eazy Davidson Dance Company. Oh! I didn't mention he's a terrific dancer. Haha he can dance gaaaan. Happy birthday again. God bless you. Continue to grow and do exploits for God. The devil has nothing on you. I love you.


  1. God bless his beautiful soul jawi. Happy birthday to him! He's such a cutie by the way. lol


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