Birthday Gist

Hello readers! Hope we are all doing good.
It's been a while. I've been busy with a lot. I have some drafts though. Will post soon.

Let me gist you about how my birthday went. I would have posted this earlier but my network is horrible. I was offline for days...
So May 1st was my birthday and it was awessoooomeeee! It was a Sunday. I got 4 cakes, gifts and orisirisi show of love. I almost forgot it was my birthday. My phone rang at midnight and i declined the call wondering why anyone was calling at that time. It rang again, i picked and was reminded it was my birthday. Oh my! I must have been too tired as i didn't sleep at all the night before and i was at school for lectures all day. I didn't have plans for my birthday. I wanted to be at Ibadan for it but school wouldn't let me so i made no other plan. But apparently, other people had plans for me. I got so much love in church from my children and the adults and i thought that was all. After service i was told people were waiting for me at home. I had to rush home and i met some family friends at the entrance. They brought snacks and drinks for me to celebrate. Surprise! I never hexperrerit. We cut cake, ate, drank, prayed, took pictures, had fun sha. I was filled with joy. It's my first birthday without my mum but it went well thank God. I had no reason to be sad. For dinner i tried out a new meal. Dad and I loved it.
that's Abraham, one of the teenagers I teach in church. He made that cake for me. He's good.

The fun continued the next day, 2nd of May, as some friends came over that afternoon to visit. But before then, the church i attend had a little community service in the morning. We like to do Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in church as a way of giving back to the community.  CSR is simply anything an organisation does to develop the environment in which it is located or it can be said to be the contribution of an organisation to members of her community in order to improve their quality of living. For the CSR that day, we gave out gifts to people. We shared fliers the day before, inviting people to come around.  We gave out clothing items, accesories, food items etc.
"A generous person will prosper;
whoever refreshes others will be refreshed." Proverbs 11:25 [NIV]

There are so many people in need that need to be reached out to. Whatever help can be rendered should be rendered. I was touched with the number of people that turned up and how they went home smiling. I was moved to tears. What some consider as 'not enough' is enough and even more for some. That is why we must be contented with what we have. The Bible says in 1 Timothy 6:6 "Godliness with contentment is great gain." [KJV] Some people don't even have half of what some complain is not enough. Be thankful for what you have while you pray for, and give to those who don't have. The reach out to the community was successful and everyone went home blessed. I don't have much pictures of the CSR though, was busy all through the program.
thats one of the beneficiaries of the CSR. She got a water bottle for school.

Some friends came to my house later and we ate, cut cake, took pictures. I also made chapman for us. I was so happy and i didn't want the day to end. Oh well, till next year. Thank God for life.

Thanks for reading. May you always have reasons to celebrate in Jesus' name.


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