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Happy children's day! Thanks for visitng. Enjoy this lovely piece by Ezekiel   Adewale Fatomilola. Femi , the first child of Raymond and Dorcas(Mr and Mrs Daniels) stood in the doorway, watched his parents act drama. His eyes couldn't leave the two faces as he observed with innocence the people he loved most tore each other apart .  The last child of the Union, Anuoluwapo fell to the ground with the shock that took over the woman when she sighted her husband with machete. He rolled on the floor, cried at intervals and clutched the toy in one hand and drew the hem of the mother's gown with the other hand. The only comfort he received was the shedding of combination of blood and tears from the mother’s battered face. Of course, he didn't have an idea of the ongoing incident. Many theories have been advanced to explain the poor state of our nations’ children; child care,absence of both parents, instilling of societal values and eventual output of the child on his or her

Dr. Eazy

His name is Ezinwa. Some of us like to call him Eazy. Have you met him? He's an amazing person! He's one of my favorite people in the world. In so many ways than one, Eazy, you have inspired me. I know God sent you to my life, you didn't just come out of the blues. I remember when my late mum was ill last year and you and Pemi visited her at home while i was at work. That was your first meeting and she was so happy. There was another day she was at the hospital and  you went to visit her even though i wasnt there yet. It rained heavily and there was a lil traffic disturbance on my way there but you were there. That meant a lot. You told me she called you son that day, awwwwwwn.... I was too weak emotionally and spiritually that year but you were one of those that God used to strengthen me and He reeaaallly used you in ways I cant even explain. You indeed are a blessing. He is not my bf ooo ehen before some of you start raising your But he's specia

Birthday Gist

Hello readers! Hope we are all doing good. It's been a while. I've been busy with a lot. I have some drafts though. Will post soon. Let me gist you about how my birthday went. I would have posted this earlier but my network is horrible. I was offline for days... So May 1st was my birthday and it was awessoooomeeee! It was a Sunday. I got 4 cakes, gifts and orisirisi show of love. I almost forgot it was my birthday. My phone rang at midnight and i declined the call wondering why anyone was calling at that time. It rang again, i picked and was reminded it was my birthday. Oh my! I must have been too tired as i didn't sleep at all the night before and i was at school for lectures all day. I didn't have plans for my birthday. I wanted to be at Ibadan for it but school wouldn't let me so i made no other plan. But apparently, other people had plans for me. I got so much love in church from my children and the adults and i thought that was all. After service i was tol