Happy new month all. Thanks for visiting. Let's discuss emotions and reactions to actions today. Not going deep into the topic. Just a little something. Drop your comments, opinions after if any.

Your emotions are feelings that come from inside of you therefore you control them. It shouldn't be the other way round. Don't be controlled by your emotions.
Don't change your emotions or actions because of other people's words or actions towards you. Don't let anyone's behaviour, words or deeds determine your emotion.
People would say or do what you do not like that is only because everyone does not think alike. Things will not always go your way.  If someone or a situation offends you, smile and get over it as quickly as possible. If you allow a negative emotion in, it would reflect in what you do, it would definitely affect your actions. Your actions towards other people will be affected too and if they're like 'you', your actions will change their emotions which would then reflect in their actions and it goes on and on...
Explore, take decisions (with God's leading of course), do what you love, love what you do, be spontaneous, be unpredictable, do what people don't expect and don't wait on their opinions. Opinions matter but must not always lead to a change in your action. Unavoidably, people and life situations will get us upset and cause a negative emotion like sadness or anger but we should not let those emotions linger in our minds for too long. Get over it as quickly as possible. Don't change your countenance or get upset over a 'not so nice' comment or opinion on something you do. As long as it's not something bad that affects others. Ignore, smile and be proud of yourself. Don't get weighed down by anything. Erase all negativity.

A book I read recently 'No Excuses: The Power of Self Discipline' by Brian Tracy teaches that we are 100 percent responsible for what happens to us in life. According to him, responsibility is 'response-abilty'. It is how we react or respond to life situations. We are responsible for what happens to us. Take the blame, bear the brunt for what happens to you. You would feel better. Stop blaming others for what happened to you. Look and see the role you played in that happening too and tell yourself if you had done something differently, things would have happened differently. Then move on. Don't cry over spilt milk and mop over a thing of the past. Instead, think of how to make things better. Life is not so hard. Someone dear said to me two days ago " So many people's happiness depend on yours. Don't let them down. Most importantly don't let yourself down." True, right? Some people don't want to see you happy and would keep having ill wishes toward you. Ignore them. They don't own you, God does. Think of other people who you make happy with your happiness. Emotions are contagious. So be happy, positive, cheerful, Godly, erase negative emotions, smile and show the world your beautiful set of teeth. :D
Hmmm, I need smileys on this blog.

Thanks for reading. Have a blessed month.


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