Good evening everyone! Thanks for visiting. Let me tell you about the wonderful time I had today. I love children. I love them so much I always want to be around them. I have a special place in my heart for them. I teach, mentor and counsel children especially teenagers. I do this mostly in church but my teachings go beyond the Gospel.
 So I just became a member of One African Child Foundation. It is a non profit initiative founded primarily to help African children build on their mental and physical skill. The foundation seeks to educate and empower young African leaders. For more information check the website here . In partnership with One African Child Foundation, Young Protege Leadership Foundation had a program titled ‘Read to Lead’ at Metamorphosis College, Omo Onile Bus-stop, Adesan, Mowe, Ogun State, Nigeria. The idea of the program was aimed to support literacy and motivate pupils to cultivate a good reading culture. We talked about how readers can become leaders. This goes beyond reading school books but also other motivational books. We were divided into groups for a study session after which we discussed what we learnt from the book.
We also had a general study session afterwards. The children were given opportunity to read and explain what they gained from the study sessions. We talked about Conformers and Transformers. To conform is to follow set rules, to imitate or to act based on instructions or what one has been taught. On the other hand, to be transformed is to diverge from conformity and dare to be different. Transformers are thinkers and leaders who go beyond what life has to offer them and see what they can offer life instead. Transformers are changers, they are great people. Some examples mentioned are Thomas Alva Edison who invented electric light bulbs and the Wright Brothers, who invented the world’s first successful airplane. We made use of audio-visuals too to show the children videos of two great men. The first was Pastor Nick Vujicic, an author and motivational speaker who was born without limbs but is a successful and famous man and John C. Maxwell a leadership expert, speaker, author and Pastor.  We learnt from their stories that nothing is impossible and we should never lose our enthusiasm about life.

The program was fun as we had games like spelling bee, role play etc. We also rewarded excellence with gifts. The name of the school is Metamorphosis College. Metamorphosis means change or transformation. A good name for a school indeed and we are glad we were able to teach the children the need to be change agents and transformers. We had a wonderful time with the students and staff of the school and we thank God it was successful.

Thanks for reading. Be the change the world needs.


  1. As you help transforming the children, you too you are going through a process of transformation, hence growth. Greater works are ahead of you. GOD shall help you IJN

  2. Fun day... Changing the world

  3. Good post Dami. May the lord reward you for your contribution into their life's.


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