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WRAD: The power of words

Hello everyone! Hope we all had a great day. I did! Let me share with you. Every year, since the year 2010, there is a day to create awareness for literacy, a day to inspire children, teenagers and adults (everyone actually) to celebrate the power of words.  This year, the day is the 24th of February, 2016, today. It is called World Read Aloud Day. It is a movement to show the world that everyone has the right to read. Literacy is a right that belongs to everyone. The emphasis is on the word ‘aloud’. This day is not just about reading, it is about reading ALOUD. It is about celebrating the power of words and being a part of the pleasure derived when you read out loud with others. Please note that this is not meant to be a one-man activity but it is to be done with others. It is a day to read and learn in groups and have fun at the same time. There are millions of people who cannot read; therefore the World Read Aloud Day is a day to celebrate literacy and to take action on behalf of

My perfect world

Hi! How are you? Yes, it’s nice to meet me. Let me introduce you to me. I’m a child of God. Everywhere I go, I preach the gospel, win souls for Christ. I just can’t keep my mouth shut. I want to win every lost soul for Christ. Through the power of the Holy Spirit I pray for the sick and God heals them. I speak in tongues. I bring terror to the camp of the enemy. The Devil has got nothing on me you know? I love my spiritual life but I want more than that. I feel so close to God. We communicate on a regular but that’s not enough. I want more. Yes I’m Oliver Twist’s wife. I am a dancer. Dance is my passion. Being on stage means the world to me. My whole life is a stage I dance on. Moon-walking and J-setting my way through life, everyone loves me. School mates called me ‘dancing dami’, others call me ‘magic feet’. I can dance anyday, anywhere, anytime and in the presence of anybody. My dance life is perfect. What type of dance can’t I do? I’m always ready for a dance battle. Bring it o


It was a busy morning, as always. Everyone was in hurry, drivers and riders tooting their horns, pedestrians walking fast with straight faces caring less about others. I wondered what was on the minds of some, none of my business though. I sat there on a yellow commercial bus, popularly known in Lagos, Nigeria as ‘danfo’, looking out the window with several thoughts running through my mind. The next thing I heard was the loud voice of a Yoruba man raining curses on the driver of the bus I was on “were ni e!...” (which means you are mad). I wanted to alight, walk up to the man, tap him on the shoulder and say politely “no sir, you are the mad one”. Of course I did not do that but that was what came to mind. There is this wonderful thing called a pedestrian bridge. Someone, somewhere, someday must have thought of a way to make crossing easier for pedestrians and BAM! the idea of constructing a pedestrian bridge came up. This long thing does more than just making it easier for people t


Good evening everyone! Thanks for visiting. Let me tell you about the wonderful time I had today. I love children. I love them so much I always want to be around them. I have a special place in my heart for them. I teach, mentor and counsel children especially teenagers. I do this mostly in church but my teachings go beyond the Gospel.  So I just became a member of One African Child Foundation. It is a non profit initiative founded primarily to help African children build on their mental and physical skill. The foundation seeks to educate and empower young African leaders. For more information check the website here  . In partnership with One African Child Foundation, Young Protege Leadership Foundation had a program titled ‘Read to Lead’ at Metamorphosis College, Omo Onile Bus-stop, Adesan, Mowe, Ogun State, Nigeria. The idea of the program was aimed to support literacy and motivate pupils to cultivate a good reading culture. We talked about how read