*clears throat* ermmm yelz. I have arrived! It’s here finally. The blog I refused to create.
Welcome on here everyone! Ok I didn’t create this blog for anything specific. It’s neither a fashion blog nor an entertainment blog. Naaah  nothing specific. It is more of a lifestyle blog. I like to write…sometimes. So I’ll share my thoughts with you once in a while. I would let you in on what goes on in my head. Principally, the blog will have posts about life. It will be inspirational.  If anything interesting happens anyday, I’ll post too. Nuff said. So join me, read, enjoy, make comments, share, suggest etc.
Let’s have fun!


  1. lol. brilliant write up! your sense of humour is everytn.. keep doing you babygal.. *hugs...

    p:s Pls tell your readers to google their way into @ "EllahillzBlog" to receive le juices on a daily..*winks

  2. forgot to add.. The using the pedestrian bridge warning was seriously noted by moi, but you'll agree with me that some roads with pedestrian bridges have accessible roads that can be crossed carefully, but not withstanding you made a serious point but that exercising part that seemed enjoyable is a big no to me oo...Hahahaa. I hate to climb up and down those lengthy stairs. It's no exercise to me . *tongue out. lol

    1. I will...yes true. You But some roads are so busy and people just cross anyhow, disturbing traffic. Its better to climb IF there's a bridge.


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