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My first post is about food. Well, it wasn't planned but I had this delish meal yesterday and I just have to share. Enjoy! There are some meals that keep you smiling after eating. Meals that fill not just your stomach, but your heart also. Like the Amala I ate yesterday. Yes I'm a foodie! I couldn’t post this yesterday, network ish. So hehehe I ate the popular ‘amala Skye bank yesterday’ for the first time after hearing so much about it.  Do you live in Ibadan? Tell me you know the place. The name is ‘Ose Olohun Canteen’ aka Skyelolo. Those who reside or are familiar with Ibadan probably know this canteen. Where I go or what I eat is not your business but just thought to share this. I’m on a short vacation to Ibadan just to unwind and get away from home for a while. I will return home soon but I had to go to Skyelolo first. How will I be in Ibadan and not eat Amala and Abula? Not possible. Haaa! Error! Amala is a smooth, soft, succulent, thick brown food made out of yam flo


*clears throat* ermmm yelz. I have arrived! It’s here finally. The blog I refused to create. Welcome on here everyone! Ok I didn’t create this blog for anything specific. It’s neither a fashion blog nor an entertainment blog. Naaah  nothing specific. It is more of a lifestyle blog. I like to write…sometimes. So I’ll share my thoughts with you once in a while. I would let you in on what goes on in my head. Principally, the blog will have posts about life. It will be inspirational.  If anything interesting happens anyday, I’ll post too. Nuff said. So join me, read, enjoy, make comments, share, suggest etc. Let’s have fun!