Still Alive

  I was told dying is a peaceful process But how would I know? Air still passes through my nostrils Filtering my thoughts I wonder how the deceased feel Or do they feel at all? The noise on earth is deafening The emotions overwhelming  10:50pm, I ponder as I lay in my bed How calming it will be, to zone out To experience complete peace and silence To shut your eyes and not see a thing To drift away into a world unknown Void of people and emotions Such relief! Would it be human to envy the dead? Then I actually zone out To have this feeling And I realize it was just sleep! Just sleep? It feels like a near death experience  Truly, in our sleep, the world might be shut out for a while  But is that the real experience my mind craves? Sleep is the closest to death But in it, we dream And our dreams remind us that we are still alive Maybe I’m insane I’m still alive Maybe I should choose life And sleep more ... maybe? Edited by Damilare Sanusi

Too late? Nah

 Hi there! Thank you for clicking that link 😘  This is an unplanned write-up. I just wish to share what the year has been like for me. Ok truth is, I have never been the type to end a year in a grand way (relationship-wise) by doing appreciation posts, mentioning names of people that had an impact in my life that year and the like. I equally am not loud about things I will be stopping or people I will be cutting off. I notice many people do that “this new year, I’m cutting off toxic friendships” bla bla bla. My dear me sef, I want to cut my own self off... scratch that. Apparently, the year 2020 was a tough one for everyone globally. Mehn!!!! The first painful thing for me was Kobe and Gigi Bryant’s death, alongside everyone on the craft with them. I wept! I wept like I had a personal relationship with them. I am still not over Kobe’s death. I loved that man. Then I lost a very dear friend in February. There were several deaths here and there. Chadwick Boseman’s death shook the world


  How soon is too soon Before the rust on love  Is washed away The first sight? The first hello? Where do you go When you find yourself Nursing a thirst for a human soul So alien to you It dehydrates your concentration Only your eyes can see it Your souls have met That voice That unshakable nature The weird echoes of joy Is all you're afforded Nonetheless priceless They say the third eye is clearest So you're sure That seeing it In your dreams  Is nothing but a good sign Will I ever see you? Or will my dreams  Remain the only bridge  Upon which our stars cross By Deelivia and Damilare


I craved a love so deep I got it... literally  Rivers of affection flowed It made me so cold I only wanted a bowl But my thirst, I could not control I walked by the riverbank  To draw my peace I heard a voice sing my name My hallucinations tried to play a game I have heard about mermaids My grandmother said they are evil But this was the purest being ever Her eyes filled with innocent desire She sang again, softer and sweeter To ignore the voice would be bitter  She left, and I dived into the river  Hoping not to shiver  I swam several feet deep For this goddess, I must keep Joined by love Forbidden by nature To drown or to float? I choose to drown She is the cold water to my thirsty soul  I craved a love so deep I got it... literally ******************* Inspired and edited by Oluwadamilare Sanusi

This Song

A chorus resounds in my ears I recognize the voice I’ve heard it times before It has become my medicine A chorus resounds in my ears It gladdens my heart It calms my nerves The lyrics- my mantra! A chorus resounds in my ears Oh! How sweet the melody! That put me to sleep every night And opened doors to my beautiful dreamland A chorus resounds in my ears This song now lives in my memory For I no longer hear it at bedtime My mother, the singer, has gone to peace

A Girl. A Canoe. A Horse.

Take me on a ride I’ll let you be my guide I’m just a lonely child Abandoned, now free n wild I find comfort on these shores As I ride on my horse Take me on a ride Let nature be our guide We have to ourselves Land and sea On which would you guide me? My horse or my canoe? Images shot by me: @deeliviaimagery Location: Atican Beach, Lagos during Lens on the Beach 1.0 by @lenschronicles__ Thanks for reading. I shot these images in 2018 but I recently got inspired to write this short piece for the images. I hope you liked it. 😊


St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada 🇨🇦  I shut the door at them I let you in I chased them all away I let you stay Before I set my eyes on you My heart beat for you Still haven't set eyes on you But pictures help hold on to you Far away from here I know you are here I am safe, I don't fear My heart holds you dear Dazed by Cupid's magic wand I sway to the tune of Love's band I found in Newfoundland My own new found land 17.11.18